Elise Lammert on how to keep it fresh for Spring 2013 and the debut of her new line.

Lindsay Taylor (The Intern): You’re no stranger to fashion week, how does it feel to be going back?

Elise Lammert: I am so happy to be back. Last fall fashion week and participating in project design was a really positive experience for me. I love having the opportunity to showcase my designs, and being able to do it while I’m still in school! I love being able to collaborate with old models and meet wonderful new ones.

LT: What do you most look forward to when you get invited back to fashion week?

EL: I look forward most to having the opportunity to work with all the wonderful people that I had the opportunity to work with the first time around. It is such an encouraging environment to create in, and I love the inspiration that I get from everyone I meet along the way.

LT: Does it get any easier? How do you keep your stress level down?

EL: Each fashion week gets a little bit easier, I was only 19 when I showed my first collection, which was very stressful, but I’ve shown I think four more since then so the planning gets easier, the fabric sourcing gets easier, and I now am friends with so many of my models which takes a real burden off of trying to coordinate a model list for shows. As far as keeping my stress down, I just have to keep telling myself that if I want to do it I can, in my head there really isn’t an option for failure.

LT: What’s your favorite aspect of the in the beautifying process?

EL: My favorite aspect of the beautifying process is the hair and makeup, its an art that I myself am terrible at, I love sitting with the hair and makeup artists as they do my models hair because its an art I have never tried.

LT: Do you have any fashion week rituals? (Both mentally or physically)

EL: I don’t really have any rituals as far as fashion weeks go, I am a pretty go with the flow person. 

 LT: We were huge fans of your previous line Vices, what should we expect for the debut of your new line?

EL: My new line is heavily inspired by illusion and lines, and plays with a lot of symmetry and asymmetry.

LT: The neon eyeliner and lip can is pretty played out, what spring fashion trend do you think is repetitive, and old? 

As far as spring fashion trends go, I am tired of the high low skirts, and as far as high waisted shorts go, I am down with them until the cheeks start to show, gotta keep it classy not trashy.

EL: What would you like to see instead? How can we keep from falling into the same trap?

I would like to see a little more tailored trends in the spring fashion, I like the flow and I like the colors, but some times I want to be able to throw a jacket on cute jacket on or a tailored skirt. Sometimes you have to look forward and try to predict what’s going to be trendy next spring, and not just look towards the runways for what’s hot now.

Keep looking out for a sneak peek of her newest line, here on Rock Uniform!


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